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Welcome and thank you for checking out Top 24 Hour Plumbing. We are licensed professionals serving New York City and the surrounding area.  We know that when you need a plumber fast, it can be difficult and oftentimes frustrating because it’s so hard to get one on the phone, with or without an emergency.  We are always responsive and seek to serve our customer’s needs in a fast, efficient time frame.  We have vast experience in providing a wide range of services at a fair and honest price.

If you are having an urgent plumbing issue at home or at your business, you want to speak with someone fast who can come out and fix your situation very quickly and for a reasonable rate.

We provide:

  • Quick Response Time
  • Fair pricing
  • Transparency
  • Licensed professionals

Our 24 Hour  / Emergency Plumbing Repair Services Include:

  • Water heater installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Septic system installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Sewer line repair-Broken pipes replacement
  • Any sort of emergency plumbing repair

How To Choose Your Plumber

When you need plumbing services to be done and done fast, there are a few things you need to consider.  We’ve put together a quick list of the top things we feel you need to consider when selecting your plumber:

  • Timely Responses– You need to make sure you can get the company on the phone and they respond to you in a timely manner.  If they can’t get out to see you quickly, then you may want to look in another direction.  This is very important.
  • Value– You want to make sure you are getting a great value.  Some providers may be able to do a job for a lower cost to you, but you want to make sure they get the job done right the first time so you won’t have the same problem come up again in a few months.
  • Professionalism– It should be very apparent after looking at a company’s website or speaking to a representative how professional the plumbing company is.  You want to make sure the company has standard procedures so that there will not be any disputes.  Make sure to read reviews of the company if they are available.
  • Transparency– A solid plumbing service provider should be honest and transparent.  Make sure they are willing to provide a transparent quote process. Otherwise, you should consider thinking twice.
  • Other– You want to make sure your plumber is a licensed professional.  They should be able to show you their certifications.  Again, look at any references or reviews that the company has, if any.  Lastly, depending on the situation you may need an emergency plumber.  Make sure that emergency services are available in that situation.


Being A 24 Hour Plumber

A lot of people ask me what it is like to be a 24 hour plumber.  It certainly brings about unique challenges to us that many other plumbing companies don’t experience.  We thought we would put together a few of our thoughts on what it is like and what are the unique aspects to it.


This is certainly a unique challenge for running our business.  Our plumbers have families and they have their own commitments.  They certainly don’t want to be on call for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  As a result, we had to go through some growing pains to figure out the best ways to make sure that we could handle any phone call that comes in, no matter what time it came in.  At the same time, we felt strongly that we wanted to be available 24 hours a day and in emergency situations, because we know that plumbing disasters can happen at any time.  We ultimately created a flexible scheduling situation that allows our plumbers to maintain a somewhat consistent schedule while still being available for our customers whenever they might need us.

Plumbing Calls

We have noticed that because we are available for 24 hours a day and in emergency situations that the types of plumbing service calls we get are different on average from the standard plumbing company.  If there is any sort of emergency situation, it is way better to call someone who you know will be available very quickly rather than risk having to wait a couple of days for a plumber to finally be available to come out and see you.  As a result, we get the more emergency and dire situation plumbing calls, which makes things I think more vibrant exciting when it comes to plumbing.  We definitely don’t get as many quick and easy fixes.  Usually the situation is pretty bad and needs to be fixed pretty quickly.

Outside of that, we try to operate just like any other company.  Being available 24 hours a day makes life very interesting, but we have done everything in our power to make it work great!

We feel we meet all of these criteria.  If you need a 24 hour plumber in NYC, give us a call!