The Weather Of NYC

New York City definitely gets to experience all four seasons in full.  For a plumber, that makes life interesting.  When it’s winter time, you’ll get a lot of unique plumbing issues and have a lot of emergency and 24 hour calls that you won’t get in the summer.  Do we like the weather of NYC?  We do, but it depends on the season in question.  As such, we will go through each season individually.


Everyone loves spring in New York.  You get sunny and pleasant weather, and you get to see flowers starting to bloom in Central Park.  For us, it’s a relatively calm time of year after the pretty hectic winter.  We like to do lots of things outside, so we might even head up to a place like Bear Mountain and go hiking or something like that every once and a while.


Summer is a very interesting time to be in NYC.  There are tons of tourists that come into Manhattan and Brooklyn, and they really change the entire makeup of the city.  It really becomes an international city during the summer.  At the same time, as this past summer has shown, the heat can become pretty oppressive at times.  Maybe it’s our unique geographical characteristics, but it does tend to get very humid during the summer months.


We absolutely love fall in NYC.  The leaves start to change color.  All the people who leave the city a lot during the summer come back to the city for good.  The oppressive heat of the summer goes away.  I always recommend that friends visit during the fall, because the weather is nicest and all the tourists tend to concentrate their visits to the summer months.


Winter can be a tough time in New York City.  What makes it okay is that the winter is never near as bad as it is in places like the Midwest.  As long as other cities have it worse, that somehow makes it okay.  We get a lot of special plumbing calls in the winter for things like burst pipes and other cold-related emergencies.  We do love the winter, but it can get pretty old by the time February rolls around.

That’s our overview and our thoughts on the weather in NYC.  Let us know what you think in the comments!

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