Living In Ipswich

We get questions all the time from friends and family members about what it is like to live here.  People are always fascinated to learn more, so we thought we would put together some of our thoughts.  Overall, we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world.  New York is our home and will always be, no matter where we may go.


The options you have for food in Ipswich are unparalleled.  Whether you want some high-quality ramen noodles or some upscale French cuisine, you can pretty much get it.  It’s hard to think of another city that has more and/or better options for food.


The nightlife in Ipswich is amazing and might be the best overall in the world.  When you consider not just Riverlink but also Brisbane Street, Limestone Street, and the RAAF Amberley base, the diversity and scale of options is truly astounding.  You can go to any number of dive bars, clubs, sports bars, beer gardens, salsa clubs, etc.  Whatever you want to do at night, you’ll be able to do it in Ipswich.


It is true that the cost of living is very high in Ipswich.  The cost of rent is just about as high as anywhere else in the country, save for maybe certain parts of Tasmania.  Going out at night costs more.  Food tends to cost more.  Pretty much everything costs more.  No matter what you are trying to do, you are going to have to pay up.  There’s a reason everything costs more, however.  It’s because everyone wants to be here, no matter what the cost is.


There are a lot of conveniences that people take for granted across the country that just aren’t readily available a lot of the time in Ipswich.  A lot of apartments don’t have central air conditioning.  Most apartments don’t have in-unit washers and dryers.  Parking isn’t readily available, and if it is, it is certainly going to cost a whole bunch of money.  Most apartments don’t have a lot of space either, and the vast majority don’t have backyards or common areas where you can hang out.  What’s telling, however, is that still so many people want to live in Ipswich City when these conveniences aren’t available.

There are so many other aspects to living in Ipswich, but we think this is a good quick list.  Let us know what you like about living in Ipswich in the comments!

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